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A B2B cloud platform provider enabling clients & partners to launch innovative multi-asset solutions to the financial industry

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Our Solutions

Portfolio Management

Introduce efficiency by letting Arrel Technology's proprietary algorithms automate your digital asset portfolio for you.

Treasury Management

Digital asset balance sheet visibility, management and control across all your corporate exchanges and custodians.


Leverage the digital asset ecosystem to instantly remit value globally with reduced fees.


Buy and sell at the best available prices on multiple exchanges with full traceability and auditability.

Liquidity Provision

High frequency, advanced taker / maker order strategies to help you source liquidity on demand.

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithms engineered to capitalise on market inefficiencies & maximise returns.

Collateralised Lending

Real time tracking and control of digital assets to allow you to deliver risk-mitigated collateralised products to market.

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We work with clients across

all financial disciplines

Asset Managers

Easily manage a fund or portfolio with automated rebalancing of assets. Automated arbitrage / trading strategies run 24/7 to generate alpha.


Offer a digital asset solution to your clients by white labelling the platform, or use APIs to integrate seamlessly into your own systems.

Digital Asset Exchanges

Improve your orderbook depth and offer a spot price that is inline with the global markets.


Scale your business faster by integrating and leveraging the global digital assets roads and rails.

Prop Trading Corporates

Get an edge on the market through institutional-grade trading strategies & infrastructure. Powerful brokerage & arbitrage tools.

Remittance Providers

Provide instant cross-border payments at a reduced cost. Automated on-ramps and off-ramps of Fiat.

UHNW Investors

Tech savy investors looking for an edge to manage their bespoke personal portfolios.

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