Portfolio Management

Intelligent automated management of your assets.

Introduce efficiency by letting Arrel Technology's proprietary algorithms automate your digital asset portfolio for you.


Portfolio Management


Algorithmic Trading

Optimise your trading with our proprietary algorithms in market making, arbitrage, and reduced trading costs.

Automated Rebalancing

Proprietary rebalancing engine that finds and actions the most efficient way to rebalance your asset allocation.

Central Trading Point

Trade your assets on any of the 16 exchanges integrated with our platform from one place.

Counter Party Management

Manage counterparty risk with our automated solutions and comprehensive reporting on your assets

Counter Party Transfers

Move assets easily between counterparties with predefined destinations for greater security

Cross Exchange Trading Oversight

Get standardised reporting on trading activities across all of your exchanges.

Historical Data

Customisable graphing of your entire portfolio value, each asset allocation, and each counterparty exposure

Profit Reports

Comprehensive reporting on all your assets' realised and unreaslied gains.

The benefits of our

Portfolio Management


Audit logs of account activity and integrated counterparty activity history exports

Cost Effective

The most cost effective way to manage your assets

Integrated Counter Parties

Monitor and report on assets across multiple counterparties from one place.

Reduced Human intervention

Mitigate human error through intelligent automation

Secure Software

Software that is audited by an independent third party

Stagnant Balances

Highlight funds that aren't being used with our proprietary stagnant funds reporting.

"The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life."

Bill Gates

Perfect for clients across

the finance industry

Asset Managers

Asset managers require a reliable solution to safe guard clients' funds and manage risks while growing the portfolio.

Remittance Providers

Payment Service that providers require fast, secure, reliable and cost effective payments across the globe.

Prop Trading Corporates

Get an edge on the market through institutional-grade trading strategies & infrastructure.


Offer a digital asset solution to your clients by white labelling the platform, or use APIs to integrate seamlessly into your own systems.