Algorithmic Trading

Cutting edge trading algorithms

Algorithms engineered to capitalise on market inefficiencies & maximise returns.


Algorithmic Trading


Automated Trading

Capitalise on market inefficiencies through a configurable, intelligent and fully automated trading system. Access to multiple proprietary algorithms for market making, yield generation, arbitrage, hedging & pair trading.

Automated Rebalancing

Proprietary rebalancing engine that finds and actions the most efficient way to rebalance your asset allocation.

Advanced Strategies

Advanced maker algorithms, conditional execution, inter & intra-exchange trading, multilevel arbitrage algorithms.


P/L Reports

Comprehensive reporting on realised and unreaslied gains.

The benefits of our

Algorithmic Trading

All in one solution

Access to global liquidity to minimize your costs and maximize your returns, all under one roof.


All the necessary information to assist you in complying with your regulatory requirements.

"Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination."

Daniel Bell

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the finance industry

Prop Trading Corporates

Get an edge on the market through institutional-grade trading strategies & infrastructure.