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Your bridge to the new financial world.

Arrel Technology has developed a bespoke digital asset management platform, allowing our clients and partners to trade across a suite of traditional and emerging digital asset classes, all from a single account.


we do.

Arrel Technology is a provider of institutional grade investment software. Our mission is to develop solutions which bridge the gap between the financial markets of today and the decentralised markets of the future.

Our focus on treasury management, trading and remittance solutions ensures our global network of partners have a platform that can allow them to traverse financial markets and build long term value in shifting markets.

Our application of technology is built on the foundation of our ability to analyze and understand the large stores of data we collate, allowing us to bring the traditional financial and digital worlds together to develop new ways of conducting business for our partners.



In 2017 we began developing our vision of an 'engine' which was able to connect to, and facilitate the execution of transactions across various assets classes. Our vision, to provide global market liquidity, is the cornerstone of Arrel and the solutions which our engine is able to provide.

Arrel technology works with clients and partners across several jurisdictions, allowing them to exchange and trade value more efficiently than ever.

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